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Defusion Tips


Many of us live with a stream of internal criticisms and commands on a constant replay in our minds. These Defusion Tips are short, easy to remember exercises to help you disentangle yourself from unwanted thoughts.

You can print or capture the images that mean the most to you and add reminders for the situations that bother you most.

Defusion Tips Downloadable E-Booklet

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Date Night Ideas


As Dr Gottman says in this article ‘If you are too busy for Date Night then you are too busy’. These Date Night Ideas are designed to help you get creative when planning and prioritising your own Date Nights so you can reap the benefits of spending time together focussed on listening and talking to each other.

You can print or capture the ideas that you like the best or share and swap ideas with your partner whilst planning for your upcoming date nights.

Date Night Ideas Downloadable E-Booklet

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