Online Couples Therapy

It’s time to stop the stigma around couples’ therapy.

Research shows that couples wait an average of 2.5 years before seeking help with their marital problems and that prevention is 3x more effective than intervention. Do you think you might benefit from couples therapy now or in the future? Read on to understand more about relationship counselling and how it can help you and your partner heal, grow, and move forward.

Kristina is a relationship and marriage counsellor based in Samford Valley servicing Brisbane Northside and further afield with online services.

Online Therapy for Couples

Online video sessions are ideal for anyone looking to reduce travel time or use technology to achieve more. Online couples therapy sessions work the same as they do in person, although with a couple of key benefits that can really add up for couples looking to improve their relationship:

Online Couples Therapy Samford
  1. No travel time – this is especially important for rural clients or even those who don’t live a close distance to their preferred psychologist. Being able to connect with a particular psychologist is important and sometimes rare and now you don’t even have to find one that lives close to you!
  2. Flexibility – Kristina offers online evening sessions so you can get the kids fed and to bed before your session rather than having to worry about leaving work early, getting through traffic or organising a babysitter. This is about finding time that works for you, your partner and your family.
  3. Comfort – meeting a new psychologist or engaging in couples therapy can be daunting the first time. Being able to meet in the comfort and security of your own home is sort of like being able to bring your security blanket to the session. You can get set up on your couch with your partner, your cat and whatever else you need to feel relaxed and ready for the session.
  4. Theory to practice – when you meet with Kristina your key concerns are discussed in a safe manner and you learn the skills to have these sometimes-difficult conversations at home. Already being in the home when you are practicing these skills and being in the space that your relationship is at home in means that putting those skills into practice can happen quicker and more easily.
  5. Looking for a sea change? – if you want to meet in person for one or more of your sessions, or try an intensive couples retreat, no problem. Kristina has a beautiful consulting room in the Samford Valley which can free you from the stresses of your everyday life at home and bring you to a more neutral setting for the two of you to be in. It is your choice and we can try both.

Kristina works hard to make sure the couples she works with get these added benefits from online therapy. Kristina’s experience delivering online therapy services across a range of areas includes:

    • Working as a telephone counsellor at Lifeline supporting people across Australia
    • Providing video sessions for ‘Making Relationships Work’ and Natural Fertility Breakthrough with clients from all over Australia, Europe, Asia, the US & Canada.
    • Using Zoom video & phone options for all clients during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Delivering ongoing support, reminders & advice to existing clients in between sessions via my YouTube channel, email & Facebook page
    • Providing a robust online relationship health assessment and intervention service to couples

Check out this video I put together for some FAQs relating to Online / Telehealth appointments or get in touch here if you have any questions.

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