How does writing a Christmas card support your values? What do Christmas cards mean to you?


Several clients lamented the onerous task of writing Christmas cards last week. Yet other clients expressed their delight at being able to write their traditional Christmas letter to far flung family and friends.

How do you feel about the Christmas card tradition?

Has social media replaced the Christmas letter or Christmas card tradition for you? Do you prefer to pick up the phone and make a call, send an email, or go on a visit? Or would you rather the whole Christmas extravaganza just went away?

Christmas time can bring up challenging childhood memories of difficult Christmases gone by or of loved ones lost. Alternatively, it can be a time of year that reminds us of what’s important in our lives. There’s no one right way to behave with Christmas traditions. Are you hearing a voice telling you “mum always said we had to have the cards done by early December.” Is it stressing you? Or are you savouring the thought of sitting down with a pile of cards to spread Christmas cheer?

If you’re feeling stressed by the whole idea and wish it would go away, it may be useful to consider the following questions.

What’s important to you at this time of year?

  • How do you want to treat yourself, and those around you?
  • Who do you want to be as a person?
  • What’s deep in your heart?
  • Will writing the cards enrich your life?
  • Or is it time to make a change and honour yourself with a new Christmas tradition, something that’s meaningful to you?

One of my clients has chosen to have that difficult conversation with their partner. They’ve come up with a new Christmas tradition for their family that’s going to be a better fit with their values and bring the joy back into Christmas. You might be different. It could be an opportunity to get your kids involved with a Christmas custom that can connect them with friends and relatives.

Connecting with family, friends and neighbours at this time of year can be stressful, a joy, or simply a neighbourly gesture. Whatever you do and however you like to connect with those close and far away I hope it supports your values and enriches your life.